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How to Send Push Notification To The Visitors – Blogging Tips

Send Push Notification To The Visitors – Sending notification of latest updates and posts is super easy and anyone can configure it on a website within few minutes. But finding right solution and app is not so easy. There are lots of services and websites for sending push notification but finding a right one is always a question of repeatedly thinking.

In our earlier post, we told about ‘how to engage visitors in your website?‘ and where we mentioned about a wordpress plugin OneSignal Push Notification. Now in this post, we explore more about OneSignal Push Notification and How to configuring it on a website.

But before starting, some points we want to clear that, there are lots of good services and apps that are very useful for sending push notification but we choose OneSignal because we found it super easy, reliable, perfect and absolutely free. We use OneSignal in our all websites.

How To Send Push Notification To The Visitors

If you looking for a solution to send the push notification to the visitors and users, read this complete post. It will definitely end your all queries regarding the push notification.

Since we love to use WordPress Framework and OneSignal gives a plugin called ‘OneSignal Push Notification’ available in wordpress repository, which makes it super easy to configure on a site.

PushEngage, PushCrew, PushMonkey are also other Push Notification Apps and provide an excellent service for sending push notifications. They also provide wordpress plugins which make configuration very easy for push notification apps.

Push Engage – Free Up to 2500 Subscribers and 120 Notifications a month

Push Crew – Free Up to 2000 Subscribers

Push Monkey – Free Trail Up to 100 Subscribers

One Signal – 100% Free for Unlimited Website, Unlimited Devices, Unlimited Notifications, Full API, A/B Testing etc.

These all are good and provide excellent service, you can choose according to your budget and personal choice.

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How To Setup OneSignal Push Notification on a Website

For configuring OneSignal push notification on your website, you need to follow step by step instruction given below.

Step 1

Open OneSignal Website in your browser and create an account.

Step 2

After confirming email id, login into your OneSignal Account.

Click to Add A New App

Add A new App OneSignal

Step 3

Choose your website platforms such as wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger, Magento or any custom script or typical script if you are not sure according to your website.


Step 4

Here, you will see the option to select Push Platforms. ChooseGoogle Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. For Apple Safari we will describe it later in this post.

Step 5

In this step, you will be asked to enter the site name, site URL, default icon URL and an additional but important option to tell about your site is fully HTTPS or not.

Click to save and you will get your APP ID and Rest API Key, which you need to enter in OneSignal Push Notification wordpress plugin.

Step 6

Install and activate OneSingal Push Notification wordpress plugin and open it. Go to configuration panel and enter your APP ID and Rest API Key and hit the save button from the bottom of the page. Save page 2 times if it is still showing red notification bar on the top of the page.

Step 8

For Apple Safari, Go to login into OneSignal Account. Click on APP to open and go to setting located in the header bar.

Find Apple Safari and click on edit icon located along with it. Enter Site name, site URL, Notification icon and hit the save. Now you will see your web id. Click to Copy it and enter in OneSignal Push Notification WordPress plugin. Open configuration panel in OneSignal Plugin and Enter Safari Web ID and hit the save button again like previously.

Step 9

Except it, there are lots of other setting option in OneSingal WordPress Plugin. Configure it according to your need and it is not difficult also. Done!

Final Words

Push notification helps to engage users as well as growing your subscribers’ list. You can see analytic of all your subscribers with the automatically generated graph.

OneSignal is absolutely the best solution for sending push notification of every update of your website.

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