Indian Popular Folk Music

Indian Popular Folk Music From States of India – Discover India

You know, if you are in India, then you are lucky, why? because in India, you can see wide cultural and traditional diversity and its changes on every mile to mile. Rich traditional and cultural diversity. Therefore lots of dance style, folk music exist in every state of India. Indian Popular Folk Music.

Here we bring some popular folk music form Indian states you must enjoy if you ever got the chance to join it. Check out the list of folk music.

Indian Popular Folk Music

See the best and popular folk music from different states of India.

Bauls – West Bengal 

Influenced by Hindi tantric Sect, come exist in the 18th-20th century. It is not only the folk music but also a religious community. It performed along with some musical instruments like Ektara, Khamak etc.

Dandiya – Gujarat

Whenever you visit India in the season of Navratri (a great festival of Indians in the month of October – November), you can see this special dance form everywhere. Dandiya Ras dance mainly originated from Gujarat but famous in all over India.

In this style, People dance with two sticks holding in their hand. A unique and popular dance style. Mainly this dance is performed in the honor of Goddess Durga.

So if you planning to visit India, Don’t miss the chance to enjoy Dandiya Ras Dance.

Garba – Gujarat

Garba is another beautiful dance form from Gujarat. Like Dandiya it is also performed during the festival of Navaratri and honoring Goddess Durga with their devotion.

In this dance form, people performed around a clay lamp with a light inside. It is also called Garbha Deep.

Modern Garba is influenced by Dandiya which makes it more energetic and joyful.

Hirilyu – Nagaland 

A war music related to Rani Hirilyu. She participated in Indian Freedom Fight.

Pandvani – Chhattisgarh

Based on the largest epic Mahabharata. It belongs to Chhattisgarh and performed along with Tambura, a musical instrument.

Vanavan – Kashmir 

It belongs to Kashmir, the beautiful state of India, reckoned by beautiful lakes, ice-covered mountains, Himalayas, awesome valley etc. Vanavan is performed during the marriage ceremony.

Panihari – Madhya Pradesh

Panihri is a folk music based on water and performed by the women who bring water from well. It belongs to the Rajasthan, an Indian State famous for its forts, deserts and also it is the land of Rajputs.

Lavani – Maharashtra 

It is the combination of dance and music performed by both man and women, belongs to Maharashtra. Performed during the festivals, cultural programs etc.

Mand – Rajasthan

Mand describes the glory of Rajputs and originated from the palaces in Rajasthan.

Bhagavati – Karnataka and Maharashtra 

It shows the love and emotion and a popular folk music of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Performed during rituals, festivals etc.

Khongchendzonga – Manipur

Khongchendzonga belongs to Manipur and based on the war of 1891 between Manipuri People and British Army.

Povada – Maharashtra 

It shows the glory of King Shivaji, a Maratha and a Great Worrier of Maharashtra.

Sohar – Bihar

Sohar belongs to Bihar and performed during the marriage, birth and other ceremonies.

There are lots of other folk music like Niyoga from Arunachal Pradesh, Ovi from Maharashtra and Goa etc. If you ever enjoyed any of this folk music, feel free to share your experience using the comment box below.

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