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Hot Blogging Topics in 2018 – Gear Your Blogging Passion on Right Wheel

Wonder! What will be the Hot Blogging Topics in 2018? Every year thousands of blog are born and died. Not because of passion but due to the choosing wrong category or blogging topics, lack of patience, writing bad quality contents and much more other reasons.

What will you do if you want to start a blog? which topic will you choose? Let’s us know in the comment box below. In this post, we will introduce some hot blogging topics that are very helpful in 2018 and in upcoming years.

What Should be Right Strategy to Choose a Blogging Topic?

This is the super important topic and question for a beginner who wants to start a blog. Becuase knowing right topic will boost your blog rapidly. Let’s explain in details.

Assume you have knowledge of cooking and foods. But you start a technical blog. why? It has almost 90% chances of death of your blog. Instead of a technical blog, if you will start cooking and food blog, then it has 200% chances of success of your blog.

From the above paragraph, what, you understand? Blogging needs passion and expertise of what you know well. If you have experience or have enough knowledge to share with others, start the blog on that particular topic. It will not only keep your interest in blogging but also increase your chances of success as a blogger.

For example, if you are very good at lifestyle and health, start your blog related to this category. It will keep your interest and you will do it in a better way rather than other categories.

Why Do Thousands of Blogs die Every Year?

It is not the complex question and you know it answers very well. Since we explained in above paragraph in this post, choosing wrong blogging category is the main reason for it.

The wrong topic decreases the quality of contents and most important things it kills the interest of blogging. But this is not the only reason for it. Poor website design, bad hosting services, contents and design are not up to the marks or seo friendly etc are the serious cause of a died blog.

It is recommended to everyone who starts a blog, choose right website framework, seo enabled layout, best hosting services and of course the best SEO person or tool like SEMrush and social media manager or service like Buffer who can manage all your social media needs in one place automatically.

Trending Blogging Topics in 2018 – Gear up Blogging Career

There are lots of blogging topics but we have listed only a few here. Since blogging should be passion and contents is its, soul. Your blog should be your mirror of expertise and knowledge. So start your blog about what you know and in which field you can do better. Every category has an audience and if your contents are good, definitely it will give you back a lot more than your expectation.

Engage Readers On Blog

Check out some hot and trending topic in the upcoming years.

1)  Travel Blog

2) Lifestyle and Fashion Blog

3) health and Nutrition Blog

4) Technical Blog

5) Blog About WordPress

6) Sports and Fitness Blog

7) Entertainment, Movie, Music Blog

8) News and Media

9) Events and Wedding Blog

10) Photography Blog

11) SEO and Social Media Blog

12) Car and Automobile Blog

13) Real Estate and Property Blog

14) Home Decoration and Art & Crafts Blog

15) DIY Blog

Except these, there are several other blogging topics such as Law, Dog, Money, Business, Education, Shopping etc. You only need to choose according to your choice and expertise.

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Basic Steps to Start a Blog But Most Important

After selecting the right category, you need to choose a short, easy to remember and good name for your blog. It is most important part because once you have done, you cant change your blog name later.

Now its time to book domain and hosting from a good hosting provider who can take care all of your hosting and technical needs. Bluehost is the best hosting providers and powers millions of websites. Kinsta is another good option for managed wordpress hosting and provides service with cutting-edge technology. But Kinsta is only for the wordpress websites.

You have to buy a theme or hire a developer who can build your website with latest requirements like inbuilt SEO, Mobile Responsive, Cross Browser Compatability, Page Speed etc.

We have covered all the technical aspects of picking a name to launch your blog in another post. You can read step by step procedure to build a blog there. Click the link below and know the best solution for building your blog.

Blog Setup Guide – Want To Setup Blog – Easy And Affordable Way To Start Blogging Journey

Final Words

I hope you got an idea about your blogging niche and where should you start your blogging career. A blog is not only the content writing and sharing, it is the mirror of what you know and a platform where you can share your expertise and knowledge which you gain by your hard work.

Turn your expertise and knowledge into your new passion and enjoy the happiness you will get from your audience. Don’t hesitate if you need any help to start your blog. Just drop a message using the contact page or leave a comment in the box below.

Feel free to drop a message in the comment box if you have any query or suggestion. if you like it, do share and don’t forget to subscribe us. Thank you for staying here.

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