Google Chrome Updates

Google Chrome Updates – “Not Secure” for All HTTP Sites from July 2018


  • Alert for all website owners and developers who use HTTP protocol for their sites.
  • On 68 release of Google Chrome in July 2018, It will start labelling “Not Secure” to all HTTP websites.
  • Google gives options in the webmaster tool to switch sites from  HTTP to HTTPS easily.

With the 68 release of Google Chrome in July, a major security update available for users. All websites with HTTP connection will be labeled with Not Secure.

These Major Updates encourage website owners and developers to switch from HTTP to HTTPS connection.

Difference Between HTTP and HTTPS Connection

In HTTP connection, information flows with a simple algorithm and data are not encrypted completely. But in HTTPS connection, information flows through a secure medium and packets of information are encrypted which can’t be decoded easily without knowing the correct and that particular algorithm which is used for encrypting the information.

Google Chrome Updates

All top websites or government websites run on HTTPS connection. It is good to use a secure connection rather than unsecured connection. The sites which collect sensitive information such as your details, transaction details, banking details, biometric details are compulsory to use a secure connection. It is good for both for the website owners and users.

In next step, I will tell you the process to make your site HTTPS for HTTP within the minute. If your site is on wordpress, then you can do it more quickly.

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How To  Switch HTTP to HTTPS Easily

Currently converting the site from HTTP to HTTPS connection is very easy. Almost all good web hosting provides free SSL certificate for their uses.

What is SSL Certificate: A certificate which is required to make your site secure. After installing SSL certificate, you need to integrate within your site. After that, your site will be served over HTTP to HTTPS connection. Top SSL certificates providers are Let’s Encrypt, Comodo etc.

If your web host provided Free SSL certificate, then you don’t need to do anything. It will automatically installed at the time of adding the domain in your hosting service.

If your web host provider does not offer Free SSL, don’t worry, you need to get Free SSL from Let’s encrypt.

Let’s Encrypt – An organization who provides SSL certificates for free. Top SSL providers trusted and used by many top brands and website. Many good web hosting provides Free SSL certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

So don’t worry. just follow their instruction, register on Let’s Encrypt site and get Free SSL certificate for your site. for more information please visit the given link below.

Here you need to go – Let’s Encrypt

For WordPress Users – Get SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt or any other site you like and integrate within your site. If you are using CloudFlare CDN, enable the option to rewrite all HTTP pages to HTTPS. Good practice of SEO and your traffic will start serving on HTTPS secure connection automatically. To fix mixed content warning, you can install and activate Really Simple SSL wordpress plugin.

Final Words

In the present scenario, it is necessary to make site secure and trustable. Google Chrome Updates is a good step towards creating a secure environment and it encourages website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS connection.

Converting sites from HTTP to HTTPS is not very big deal these days. So don’t worry, take a look over it and change your site from HTTP to HTTPS today. No need to pay anything, Just make your connection secure and reliable.

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