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5+ Best Antivirus App That You Should Keep In Your Phone in 2018

Due to the flexibility of development and use, Android users grow day by day. This is good for Android but not for users who blindly installed apps and use in their phone. The large data, development and user base gives the opportunity to the hackers to create malicious apps and steal sensitive information from the users’ phone. In this post, you will read about some Best Antivirus App.

Instead of Google Play Store, There are several of other places where users can install an android app for free. Sice the main reason for virus attack is third-party malicious app provided by various other app channels. We can’t stop hackers and the bad guy to create the malicious app but we prevent virus to harm and steal sensitive information from our phone.

After digging out some Antivirus App, I list here some Best Antivirus App which can protect your phone easily. Most of the features are free and you can use it but you need to pay for some features.

(1) Comodo Antivirus for Android

Comodo antivirus and mobile security

Comodo Antivirus App for Android is completely free with all necessary and recommended features. Since most of the malicious apps and codes are injected through the third-party app, Comodo offers free antivirus app to prevent such malicious and harmful app and files.

According to official Comodo website – “COMODO Mobile Security (CMS) is designed to protect your Android devices against viruses, unsafe apps, potentially risky settings and even from theft. The Antivirus for Android solution from Comodo is a remarkable Mobile Antivirus that protects your privacy and keeps your system optimized.”

Price – 100% Free with all premium features.

Download From Play Store – Click here

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(2) Norton Security App

Norton antivirus and mobile security

Norton Security App is all one package for mobile and tablet security. It has almost all features that a user need to have in their antivirus app. Most of the features of this app are free but you need to upgrade your plan to unlocking more useful security features.

Some of this great security features are Avoid malware infected sites on your search results, Scan and remove apps that have malware, spyware, or an Android virus that can harm or slow your device,  Wipe all device information remotely to protect your privacy, Safe web browsing, link protections, App Adviser etc.

Price – Basic Version is Free, Upgrade to Unlock more features.

Download From Play Store – Click Here

(3) Jio Security App

Jio Security App - Antivirus, App Adviser

If you are in India, Jio Security App is very useful for you. It is available for all JIO users for free. Basically, Jio Security tied up with the Norton Security and provided security features same as Norton with the same layout. All Norton premium features like App Adviser, Privacy Protection, Web filtering, Link Protection etc are free in this Jio Security App.

Price – Free for All Jio Users in India

Download From Play Store – Click here

(4) McAfee Security

McAfee antivirus and mobile security

Another handpicked security app with over millions of installation in Play Store, McAfee is the complete solution for all your mobile security needs. Like other apps, McAfee also gives protection against stealing information, privacy, web surfing and filtering protection, link protection etc.

McAfee also has the features like battery optimization, find the device, backup etc.

Price – Free

Download From Play Store – Click here

(5) Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus and mobile security

The list of Best antivirus security is incomplete without this excellent antivirus and security app – “Avast Antivirus”. Very easy setting panel gives you a relaxation to use it.

All recommended features such as malicious app and virus scan, web surfing protection, link protection, app locker, call blocker, photo vault, junk cleaner, web shield and many other features are present in Avast Antivirus App.

Price – Basic Version Free, Upgrade to Unlock More Features

Download from Play Store – Click here

(6) Bit Defender

BitDefender antivirus and mobile security

A very lightweight and useful antivirus app for mobile security. BitDefender, a well-known name for computer antivirus and firewall protection now available for the mobile version.

BitDefender Antivirus app has zero setting which increases its flexibility and performance. It automatically detects unwanted and malicious apps in your phone give the option to remove them.

According to Official BitDefender Page on Play Store – “Instead of downloading and storing virus signatures directly to Android devices, Antivirus Free uses in-the-cloud services to check online for the latest safeguards to outbreaks.”

Clearly, It is super fast antivirus program to clean your phone from all unwanted and malicious files without giving any pressure to your phone battery.

Autopilot scans all the malicious files and codes automatically at the time of downloading the app and makes your phone unbreachable.

Price – 100% Free, Upgrade to Total Security (14 days Free trial available).

Download from Play Store – Click here

Check the comparison table from Comodo Official Website

Comodo antivirus comparison

Image Source: Comodo Antivirus App

Final Words

All apps are great and have the capability to protect your phone. Comodo antivirus app for Android is the best app for all the users and it has almost premium features for free.

The main source of malicious files is downloading third-party apps, surfing unsecured pages on the internet and clicking on malicious links etc. These Best Antivirus App protect the mobile phone from all type of viruses.

So go with the antivirus app that you like the most and install it on your phone and don’t forget to share with us using the comment box below. Share your feedback which motivates us to write more useful contents for you.

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