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I have nothing much to tell about myself therefore I am not writing anything at this time. But I am sure as the time goes as well GK With QA, you will definitely know about me. Like others I am also playing, watching movie, love to outing etc but after graduation I start facing difficulties for job searching in govt fields or find to the point study material for studying. After that I decided to start a website where students can find everything for free and easily, to the point notes etc.

The main purpose of this site is to provide important and useful information in one place including study materials for students.

Note* : You can also contribute in GK With QA in various form like providing study materials, posting useful information on any topic you want. I will put your contents with your credits. For start contributing Just drop a mail at gkwithqa@gmail.com and I will let you know the procedure for contribution.
At last I want to say GK With QA is a small effort to provide useful information, best and to the point study materials, quizzess etc for free.

I will also publish inspiring story or candidate and their interviews. For this section I need your help and suggestion. People only know about success but no one remembers failures story that have also good knowledge and can inspire others. So it does not matter you are a winner or not, but your story should must inspiring. Send your story or interviews in video or doc format. If it is authentic I have no issue to publish it. This will not help you much but it will help others a lots.

Social Contribution:
You can also send picture related to Clean India mission or any other social contribution (Around the world). It will be a little effort to aware others. I will choose best pictures and publish on wall of Social contribution on GK With QA as well as Instagram and other social media.
Thanks for Spending your priceless time here. Join GK With QA on facebook, twitter etc. Don’t forget to subscribe us from the box in sidebar (follow By Email) for latest and best study material as well as useful information 🙂
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